Bringing a taste of Spain
to the Atlantic Seaboard

Seafood Bistro

343a Main Road, Sea Point

Call Us: 066 3140 801

What to Expect

Inspired by the seafood traditions of Spain and the Med

Gambas Seafood Bistro’s is a Seafood foodie haven and its menu boasts everything from Peri-peri prawns to West Coast mussels, fresh oysters to Patagonia Calamari, seared Tuna to classic hake and chips. You’ll find fresh fish, sushi, seabass, sardines, seafood Jambalaya, crayfish in season, and more.

Gambas is the word for prawns in the Spanish and Portuguese language and you can look forward to a seafood feast that’s just as flavoursome as what you’d find at the source. We look forward to welcoming you.

25 Years of Hospitality Experience

Behind this new Seafood institution is a talented and passionate female owned and operated team. Together, they bring to the Gambas table, over 25 years of hospitality experience.

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